Eastside Food Co-op is your community owned grocery store located in the heart of Northeast Minneapolis. We specialize in fresh, local and organic foods sourced from farmers and producers who care about the health of people and our planet. Everyone is welcome at the co-op!


Eastside Food Co-op was grown by and for the Northeast Minneapolis community.

Organizing efforts began in 1996, with a dedicated cohort of board members and volunteers. By opening day on December 4, 2003 our ownership was 800 community members strong. With support from founding owners and neighborhood organizations, Eastside opened the 4,500 square foot natural foods grocery store the community had dreamed about for so many years.

By 2012, Eastside had outgrown its retail space. To further our mission and continue to meet the needs of our shoppers, we needed to expand. With significant help from our community, Eastside was able to complete a $6.5 million expansion project, doubling the size of the sales floor and adding much needed parking spaces. We opened the expanded store to customers on July 12, 2016 and experienced 45% growth in our first year of operation post-expansion. This year of growth included adding 35 new staff and 1,000 new Eastside owners!

Today, the Eastside Food Co-op community is made up of more than 110 employees and 8,500 owners!


Learn more about the great things going on at Eastside in our 2019 Annual Report.