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Health Class 1 - Stop Sugar Cravings!

Class 1 - Stop Sugar Cravings!
Saturday, January 31
10 -11:30 am
Teacher: Heidie Lish
Do sugar cravings or night-time eating sabotage what you see as healthy eating? What would your life look like without cravings and urges? What if you didn't need WILLPOWER to get through the day? Believe it or not WILLPOWER is a finite resource and isn't the best approach to reduce sugar cravings. If you’re curious what may help, join us in exploring the science of food cravings and the top 5 ways to reduce or eliminate them.
Let’s learn together about;

  • The physiology and psychology of sugar cravings
  • What your sugar cravings are telling you
  • Recipes, snacks, and swaps to turn your body from a sugar burner to a fat burner
  • A deeper awareness of what your body needs to feel satisfied

Free - RSVP required - or 612-843-5409
Class size limited to 20 participants – 10 required to hold class
At the Co-op in the Granite Studio