Fire It Up!

Summer Grilling Tips from Eastside Food Co-op Staff

We asked our staff to share their best summer grilling tips and tricks. Fire up the grill, and get ready to rock your backyard barbecue!

From Emma, Meat and Seafood Manager:

Season your steak and let it come to room temperature before you put it on the grill. This will keep it from losing unnecessary moisture, leaving your steak nice and juicy. And don’t forget to let meat rest for 5-10 minutes after taking it off the grill!

From Whit, Produce Shift Lead:

Grill small or fragile veggies inside of aluminum foil packs with butter, spices and garlic. Super delicious and a lot less worry involved!

From Joe, Meat and Seafood:

For a quick smoked trout – seasoned trout with lemon and salt to taste, and place on a plank of cedar wood. Cook on a charcoal grill over indirect heat for 1-2 hours. Enjoy!

From Molly, Marketing Manager:

Grill up ears of corn with their husks still on to lock in moisture! Just trim off the tassels and peel back a couple husk layers to let in some nice char. Once the kernels are tender, remove the husks and brush with homemade pesto. Your taste buds will thank you!

From Nick, Meat and Seafood Butcher:

Brine pork chops in a salt water solution (1 cup salt to two cups water) 2-4 hours before grilling. Toss in any spices you want for extra flavor!

From John, General Manager:

Toss sprigs of fresh herbs right on the coals in your grill for fresh infused flavor! Bonus points for seasoning your meat and veggies with smoked sea salt.

From Ashley, Marketing Coordinator:

Looking to upgrade your grilling game? Invest in a charcoal chimney starter, a wire grilling basket and some stainless steel skewers. These inexpensive tools make for easier grilling − and they reduce waste!

From Brian, Business Intelligence Manager:

Grilling fruit is often overlooked! Put sliced peaches or pineapple on the grill for a sweet treat.