Taste of Summer: Stillwater Colorado Peaches

We look forward to them all summer long: the perfect peaches – tree-ripened, juicy, sweet and ready to eat. Get to know Stillwater Colorado Peaches, summer’s most highly anticipated stone fruit.

Grown on a family-run orchard in Palisade, Colorado and delivered directly to Stillwater, Minnesota, these peaches are picked, packed, and shipped straight from the orchard, where every tree is non-GMO certified.

Local stories are some of our favorites to tell, and this is no exception. Every summer for nearly 30 years, a Stillwater family has helped bring the world’s best peaches right here to Minnesota. The peaches have developed something of a cult following, with folks coming from all over the Midwest to pick up a box of these summertime treats! Eastside orders them by the pallet, and every year the demand seems to grow.

“These peaches are my favorite thing about summer. I buy a whole case and my family devours them in days. It almost turns into a game – how can we add peaches to that? We put them on grilled pizza, in our oatmeal, on every salad, and eat them for dessert. I grew up in the south, so I’m really picky about peaches and these are some of the best I’ve had!”

When will the peaches arrive this year? Our friends in Stillwater tell us the peach trees bloomed a little later than usual, so look for them at the co-op in August. Make Stillwater Colorado Peaches a part of your summer tradition!