Going Zero(ish) Waste

Celebrate Earth Day every day with these simple ways to reduce waste in your home and on the go.


Jars are your friend. Shop our bulk department with your own jars and reusable containers to keep single-use plastics from our landfills. PLUS, storing spices and baking essentials in airtight jars keeps them fresher longer; it’s a win-win! Don’t want to lug all of your jars to the co-op? A set of reusable drawstring bags can help you get produce and bulk items safely home without creating unnecessary waste! Did you know? Eastside sells a number of cleaning supplies, soaps and body care items in bulk too! Refill your dish soap, hand soap, lotion and laundry detergent on your next shopping trip.


Nearly one-third of all the food produced annually is thrown away, costing the average American household more than $1,500 each year. When you’re investing in high quality food for your family, you don’t want to see any of it go to waste! Pick up a copy of the James Beard Foundation’s Waste Not cookbook to discover how to get the most from your food. You’ll never look at rinds, stems, bones and peels the same way again!


Go ahead, break out the cloth napkins! When you use washable linens instead of paper, you contribute to the health of our forests. Same goes for dishcloths and cleaning rags over paper towels and disposable wipes.


Headed out? Keep a few reusable shopping bags in your car, your purse or your backpack to limit impromptu plastic use. Bring along your own coffee thermos and reusable water bottle too. We’re big fans of Klean Kanteen to keep our coffee hot and portable! Our go-to for lunchtime? A set of TO GO Ware bamboo utensils and a Box Appetit stainless steel lunch container. For snacks, we’re all about Stasher silicone store bags!

Looking for more zero waste tips?

Check out Zero Wasted, our favorite local sustainability blog, at zerowasted.net. And stay tuned for zero waste shopping classes at the co-op with Zero Wasted’s own Amber Haukedahl!