Spark-Y: Youth Action Labs

Spark-Y's mission is to empower youth through hands-on education rooted in sustainability and entrepreneurship. Through their innovative model, Spark-Y engages student-led projects that emphasize youth and community ownership. They operate their mission through three primary vehicles: school programs, an annual summer internship, and their urban agriculture lab. Spark-Y’s programs serve around 2,000 youth annually at 15 Twin Cities schools.

Spark-Y works at the nexus of sustainable agriculture, local food, and nutrition education, empowering youth to address environmental challenges. Spark-Y's programs work systemically to integrate youth voice into their sustainability projects. They enlist student ideas into the design, construction, and maintenance of various sustainable systems such as aquaponics, gardens, greenhouses, and vermicompost. Spark-Y is proud to lead impactful garden-to-cafeteria programs at partner high schools Edison and Roosevelt, with the support of community partners like Eastside Co-op to sell the youth-grown produce.