Frogtown Farm

Frogtown Farm is a certified organic, urban demonstration farm – a destination for those seeking learning, innovation, reflection, celebration, and authentic community.  Frogtown Farm's mission is to enrich the world by cultivating soil and community. They are taking a former building and parking lot and transforming it into a vibrant oasis where residents experience improved health outcomes. Frogtown Farm is a unique green space and point of celebration for the neighborhood.

Frogtown Farm is a certified-organic urban demonstration farm that practices a permaculture approach, creating a regenerative system that builds soil rather than degrading it. The Farm grows organic produce with and for the Frogtown neighborhood. Frogtown Farm has harvested more than 10,00 pounds of produce that has been served to 2,600 residents. They host community celebration and market events once each month on-site and offer a workshare program for residents to receive produce.