Maazah Chutney

Maazah Chutney is a small-batch, gourmet goes-with-anything condiment, made by two daughters and inspired by their mom. In 2014, they started making small batches of their mom’s Magic Green Sauce and shortly after, named it “Maazah” meaning “flavor” in Farsi.

Mississippi Mushrooms

Mississippi Mushrooms is a certified Organic mushroom farm in the Minneapolis Upper Harbor Terminal complex on the banks of the Mississippi river. Their growing process recycles locally sourced waste materials like sawdust and spent brewer’s grain, without the use of any synthetic or toxic chemicals. Substrate materials are inoculated with fungi in a specially designed clean-room and transferred to climate controlled growing chambers for year-round production of mushrooms and compost.

Folly Coffee

Roasted in Silver Lake, Minnesota, Folly Coffee prides itself on ethically sourced single-origin coffee and environmentally conscious local production. The coffee is roasted in a refurbished Diedrich IR-12 from the 1980s, and the roasting facility achieves a zero-carbon footprint through the use of solar and geothermal energy.

Shepherd's Way Farms

Farmstead artisan sheep cheese. Made by hand in Nerstrand, MN.

Among the first farmstead sheep milk cheesemakers, Shepherd’s Way began crafting and marketing its first cheese, Friesago in 1998. A second cheese, Shepherd’s Hope was introduced in 1999 and the sought-after Big Woods Blue was added in 2003. Hidden Falls, Shepherd’s Ricotta, Morcella are more recent additions, made in smaller batches.