Sue Jaeger

Sue Jaeger (incumbent)
Operations Manager, US Bank

Why do you want to serve on the Eastside Food Co-op Board of Directors?
I would like to continue the important work the board has been doing during the past 3 years while I have been on the board. We have focused on hiring our current GM in 2017, on strategic planning, owner outreach and board education. I was the chair of the GM hiring and strategic planning committees and am currently the board president. As part of the group of Windom Park block leaders who originally started our co-op in 1995, I am as invested in the future of the co-op as I was in the startup. We worked to recruit 135 owners before we even had a building and I was the first board president during this phase. The co-op has become a focal point of the Northeast community and I want to ensure the board continues to remain focused on the future of the store as a strong, independent store and center of the community. 

What kinds of skills, interests, and experience would you bring to the board?
I have am MBA from St. Mary’s University and am an operations manager at U.S. Bank. I have strong analytical and team leadership skills and enjoy working collaboratively with all board members.

Eastside Food Co-op is founded on the 7 International Cooperative Principles. Please choose one of the principles and describe how you think the board can encourage and foster this in a cooperative.
Education, training and information:  The board should encourage co-op management to have more educational classes in the community room and more in store signage which instructs shoppers and owners on local foods and producers, the value of healthy foods and how our co-op is filling those needs in our store. The story of our store should be front and center when people walk in the door.

Tell us your experience in working with fiduciary responsibilities for an organization.
Being on the board for the past 3 years has given me a very good understanding of the fiduciary aspects of board service. We ensure we are meeting the duty of care, duty of loyalty and duty of attention toward the co-op owners. We represent the owners, so every decision has them at its core.

Tell us your experience in collective-decision making.
I have become very accustomed to the process of making collective decisions and leading groups during board and committee meetings. Committees assist the board by doing the research and due diligence outside of board meetings. We don’t always all agree, but healthy discourse is encouraged to bring out various viewpoints. At times, we need to cut off discussion to take a vote. In the end, coming to a consensus decision at the end of a long debate is very satisfying.