Kristen Anderson

Kristen Anderson
Grocery Assistant, Eastside Food Co-op

Why do you want to serve on the Eastside Food Co-op Board of Directors?
Let’s make Eastside Food Co-op the best it can be! From the farmers to our Co-op and into our neighborhood, I care about food.

What kinds of skills, interests, and experience would you bring to the board?
I am a staff member in the grocery department since January 2018. My experience in the community ranges from studying sustainability at the University of Minnesota to working in the non-profit local food system, to legislative advocacy at the State Capitol.

I am positive and inquisitive. I am a learner and a self-starter. I have an eye for detail, efficiency, quality, and organization. I am guided by my values of responsibility, caring, honesty and justice.

Eastside Food Co-op is founded on the 7 International Cooperative Principles. Please choose one of the principles and describe how you think the board can encourage and foster this in a cooperative.
Knowledge is power! The Board and the Co-op can enhance education, training, and information. Whether simple conversations, classes, events, or larger initiatives, there are many opportunities to share info. Strong membership comes from being informed on Co-op matters and inspired to continue supporting the store and our work.

Tell us your experience in working with fiduciary responsibilities for an organization.
I have managed relatively small budgets before, but look forward to learning more about fiduciary decisions.

Tell us your experience in collective-decision making.
I have experience in collective decision-making. I am mindful of the criteria surrounding the decision and I try to be practical while inclusive.