Autumn Brennan

Autumn Brennan
Senior Strategy + Communications Analyst, MoneyGram International

Why do you want to serve on the Eastside Food Co-op Board of Directors?

My goal is to contribute my time and energy to organizations that promote the empowerment, growth and connectedness of the community. I am also passionate about high quality, sustainable food. The Eastside Food Co-op is not just a place to buy groceries, it’s a place to find our connection to our food, each other, our farmers, and to experience the power of equality. When we support the food co-op, we are supporting more than just our bodies, we are nourishing our community, the local economy and how choices are made within the business. I am all in.

What kinds of skills, interests, and experience would you bring to the board?

As a Board Member I would leverage: decades of co-operative business experience, financial acumen, an entrepreneurial spirit, background in natural medicine, and marketing to position the co-op within the community and developing a dynamic strategy for sustainable success.

Eastside Food Co-op is founded on the 7 International Cooperative Principles. Please choose one of the principles and describe how you think the board can encourage and foster this in a cooperative.

 We can harness the power of education, training, and information to: differentiate ourselves in our community, the marketplace, and remove the barriers of entry for the community (ie: the belief that one must be a member to shop at the co-op.) We have an opportunity to empower the community by hosting more educational workshops, thought leadership forums, and networking events for members and non-members alike to connect and share information. As a board member, I would be happy to become a resource for employees, members, and the community seeking information on natural wellness.

Tell us your experience in working with fiduciary responsibilities for an organization.

  • Non-profit leadership service starting in 1991 responsible for budgets, outreach, and training

  • General Manager of a Food Co-op throughout an expansion and relocation (contracted by a financial institution)

  • Creative Communications Manager for Organic Valley, transforming the decisions of farmer owners into actionable business strategies and product development initiatives

  • Director of Marketing, Communications, Advertising budgets up to $5.1 million

  • Degree in Business Administration and enrolled in MBA program

Tell us your experience in collective-decision making.

My entire career has been a practice in collaboration and balancing both the analytical and financials with getting creative in how we collaborate, challenge and communicate. It really takes team work to make the dream work. The spirit of equality, social responsibility, and collective learning is what sparks curiosity and invites innovation. Retail food cooperatives are one of the few places where this form of democracy is still actively practiced