Signature Partnership

The Sheridan Story, a local non-profit, exists as a response to the reality that over 100,000 children in the Twin Cities live in food insecurity. With a mission to fight child hunger through community and school partnerships and a focus on the weekend food gap, their program provides students across the Metro with a 4 -5 pound bag of wholesome food at the end of each week.

The Sheridan Story’s foremost goal is to implement their program in a way that truly supports the children and families served. There are many ways to accomplish this goal, but one is through the type of food provided. This is where a partnership with Eastside Food Co-op comes into play.

Leveraging the buying power of its strong supplier network, Eastside Food Co-op will help provide The Sheridan Story with $10,000 worth of items that have been consistently challenging to source through their own channels. Products that The Sheridan Story has seen an increase in requests for include: specialty grains and flours, varied beans and legumes, spices, and healthy pre-packaged meals.

The partnership between The Sheridan Story’s weekend food program and Eastside Food Co-op offers a path for Eastside Food Co-op to fulfill its mission to provide access to healthy food and cultivate a thriving community. This partnership will help supply nourishing food to hundreds of students in Northeast Minneapolis, and support a program that provides thousands of children each week with the food they need to learn and grow. We are thrilled to take on this opportunity to provide access to healthy food to the students for Northeast Minneapolis and beyond, ultimately helping to build a thriving community. Both The Sheridan Story and Eastside Food Co-op are honored and excited to do this important work together.

To learn more about The Sheridan Story and the work they are doing to fight child hunger in the Twin Cities, visit their website at