Stained-glass window.
Stained-glass window.


Your Community Co-op Expanded 2016

In 2016, we completed a huge year-long, $6 million dollar expansion project. During our fundraising efforts the Northeast Minneapolis community came together to invest in us. Every little bit helped from the large investor to the register round ups. As a result of our successful expansion we have added 20 new living wage jobs to the Northeast Minneapolis neighborhood, created a community space in the new Beverage Bar, and expanded and updated our sales floor. This expansion and the corresponding rebranding and redecorating makes Eastside Food Co-op competive in a growing marketplace while still adhering to our principles. Mostly, we have held true to the idea that Eastside Food Co-op is at its heart, a good neighbor. We are Northeast and we believe in serving our neighbors the best possible food at the best possible price.

2010 - 2015

  • 2010 2015 Eastside Food Co-op’s expansion breaks ground after an amazing investment campaign.
  • 2011 Our first capital campaign planning begins.

2005 - 2010

  • 2003 Funding allows Eastside Food Co-op to buy the building at 26th & Central. By December of that year Eastside Food Co-op is open for business.
  • 2000 Eastside Food Co-op’s board member, Stephanie Lundeen, founds the Northeast Farmer’s Market


  • 1999 NEC Renames itself Eastside Food Co-op and continues to search for a suitable location.
  • 1996 Northeast Community Cooperative gathers 135 members from the surrounding community to attempt to bring a naturalfood cooperative to Northeast Minneapolis.