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What's New

  • Dr. Hauschka Night Serum is new to our Hauschka line. Dr. Hauschka believes that skin treatments at night should be very minimal, making the light texture of the Night Serum ideal. This belief is based on the skin's ability to regenerate while we sleep, including balancing our skin's hydration. If we put heavy creams on at night the skin will not produce the oils we need to keep our skin moisturized, healthy, and glowing. Balance is key! Dr. Hauschka's Night Serum will help you get there.


  • Four Elements is a local company just outside Baraboo, WI. We've long since had their deodorants and now carry a selection of their hydrosols, infused body oils, and moisture creams. A highlight of the line is the Meditate Body Oil made with white sage, rose, neroli, and tulsi infused almond oil; the addition of angelica flower essence makes it an especially luxurious product. Stop by and use our tester to immediately transport you to a new level of calm and relaxation.


  • Natural Vitality Calm Cream is a great alternative to magnesium oil, without the propensity for messy drips! Whether you have muscle cramps or soreness from a workout, this cream is your go to! A little goes a long way and you can feel it working to relax the muscles immediately. Especially helpful for legs that just won’t settle and slow down at night. Rub on before going to sleep and get the rest you need to hit the ground running the next day.


  • Herb Pharm Kid's Remedies have been expanded to meet the needs of your little ones fighting everything from tummy aches to the seemingly never ending cold. As effective as their adult counterparts, these tinctures are made for the more delicate system of a child, without sacrificing efficacy. With names like "Cough Crusader" and "Immune Avenger" they help them feel like the super heroes we all know they are.