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Principle Six

What is P6?

The Principle Six (P6) Cooperative Trade Movement exemplifies just and equitable trade relationships between farmers, producers, retailers and consumers rooted in cooperative principles and values. P6 is the symbol of a growing consumer-supported food economy recognizing products grown or produced locally, or internationally, by small farmers/producers, and cooperatives.

What does P6 mean for my co-op?

We believe that by participating in the P6 program that we are offering our customers choices when it comes to their shopping experience. We want you to have access to products that most closely align with your ethics. P6 offers a designation that we think has been missing from the natural food world, a solid way to talk about the supply chain. We think that one of the concerns of our customers is that they have access to food that is delicious, nutritious, and the comes from the most ethical business. P6 offers an easily identifiable designation to identify what products are right for you.

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